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Make money in bail bonds! How you ask? As a rule of thumb bail bondsman make money by charging 10% of a persons bail amount. Meaning if a person has a $1,000.00 bail amount a Bondsman would charge $100 and in turn give the jail or court the full amount of $1,000.00 in the form of a bail bond. A bail bond acts like a check deposited with the courthouse. So as long as the defendant shows up for court then the court wont deposit our check. But if the defendant doesn’t appear in court then the court would cash in on the actual bail bond. At this point the Bondsman usually goes after and looks for the defendant to try to re-arrest him so they can get their bail bond back. If the Bondsman doesn’t find the defendant then they are out the full $1,000.00.

As long as people show up for court when they are supposed to Bondsmen get to keep the full 10%. Essentially this is how to make money in bail bonds. Some Bail Bondsmen make money by chasing people when they skip bail. This is called Bail Enforcement, Fugitive Recovery, Bounty Hunting etc… TV often makes this look glamorous and exiting but is usually a relatively boring and tedious task. The best and most common way to make money in bail bonds is by helping people in their time of need by bailing them out of jail.

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