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Want to learn how to start a bail bond business and be successful in this exciting industry?

Starting a bail bond business can be fun, exciting and complicated just like any other business. Sean Cook is the author of Bail Bonds 101 The Complete Guide to Owning and Operating a Successful Bail Bond Business and Bail Bonds 201 Insider Tips to Avoiding Common Mistakes and Pitfalls of the Bail Industry.

These books cover everything you need to know about how to start a bail bond business. They are the best selling and most informative books in the industry. Mr. Cook is one of the original founders of his local bail bond association and is an active member in his statewide and national association meetings and conferences. He is also the President of, the nation’s first and most dominant name in “BAIL”. He also owns and operates a successful California Bail Bond Agency

Running Business
Running your business requires a lot of hard work and discipline. These are some of the tools we recommend and have found to be most useful.
Promoting your business is the key factor to your success. We have included some marketing tools which will assist you in growing your bail bond business.

Read what others have said about these books:

I'm a teacher and am planning to start my own bail bond business soon. Both my wife and I will be working the business (her full time and part time for me).
Craig N.
Future CA Agent

I've used your book to help me get started and it’s truly the best! Thanks for helping a guy get into the business, its been a dream of mine for a long time!!!!
Jim M.
AZ Bail Agent

“Bail Bonds 201,” written by veteran bail agent Sean Cook, imparts a wealth of knowledge and provides the reader with the tools to exercise sound judgment in the bail bond business. The wisdom shared is borne from real bail bonding situations that will help the novice and veteran alike avoid mistakes that can be devastating to anyone engaged in the industry. Mr. Cook, who also authored “Bail Bonds 101,” tells of his own real life bail experiences, as well as the wisdom gained by him in seeking out information and guidance from other bail agents that have succeeded -- and failed – in the business. Each chapter includes a section entitled “Warning signs” that details situations that invariably arise as a retail bail agent and then offers an approach and specific suggestions for dealing with specific circumstances so that proper judgment is exercised.
Brian Frank
Lexington National Insurance Company


If you want to learn how to start a bail bond business buy these books and start speaking with the author immediately. He is available to answer questions and consult with you when you are ready to open up your business. We work with several Surety Companies that put bail agents in business for themselves. These are the same companies that buy our books in bulk and give them to their agents to read before opening up their practice.

When you want to learn how to start a bail bond business, you will want to learn from the best. Buy these books now and start on your to a new fresh exciting career that pays well.