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Bail Bondsman Training

Bail Bondsman Training varies from state to state. In general the knowledge you need to know is the same but you will need to know the laws that apply to your area. Some states have quite strict training programs while other states are very easy to get into. The typical Bail Bondsman training consists of a 2 day class and taking a state test. Some states may require a one or two week course and a one year internship before issuing a person a full license to write bail. An internship just means you’ll have to work at a bail bond office for a year before you can go on your own and start a company.

To go along with your full Bail Bond training experience you should also become a notary and take whatever courses your state might require for your authority to arrest. Sometimes your bail license will suffice other times you might need to go to special course just for that. The notary license will allow you to take property as collateral when bailing people out of jail. Many state it’s a requirement to be a notary. Another valuable tool for your Bondsman training is to get a fire and casualty or property and casualty license. This will allow you to write Surety bonds which sometimes coincide with bail bonds.

It is always good to read as much as possible and do your due diligence before deciding to enter into this career. It is not an easy job and it is certainly not as glamorous as the media sometimes makes it look. Bondsman are usually at jails in downtown areas in the middle of the night which is not always the safest or best place to be especially when clients know you have cash. If you decide you like the industry be sure to get all the training you can.

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