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Bail Bonds 201

Bail Bonds 201

This book describes in detail the mistakes and pitfalls that Bail Agents make when running their businesses. Learn "What to do and What NOT to do" when running your bail bond business.

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If you have ever driven near a courthouse, police station or jail, particularly in an urban area, you have probably seen plenty of advertisements for bail bond agencies. Open your local yellow pages and you will see even more. Bail bond services seem to be in high demand. As a result, new bail bond agencies open all the time. If you are hoping to break into the bail industry, it shouldn’t surprise you that you will be facing competition. What might surprise you is how frequently the names on those bail bond ads will change over time.

Many new bail agencies go out of business within their first year, primarily because they make critical mistakes that lead to bad decisions and bigger mistakes. When the difficulties snowball into failure the new bail bond agent is forced to close his doors.

The good news is that with the knowledge you will gain from this book, and some careful planning on your part, you can avoid the common mistakes that trap many new bail agents. If you take the appropriate steps and make a commitment to grow your business slowly and steadily, based on sound decisions, you can create a successful bail bond company and enjoy longevity in a lucrative industry.

In this book, I will discuss the typical reasons bail bond companies fail and give you tips on how to avoid these common mistakes. I’ll explain how a few little mistakes can lead to big problems and discuss how to avoid or correct the resulting difficulties. Since every big problem in the bail bond business stems from small mistakes, you can take specific measures to avoid these problems or correct mistakes before they grow out of control.

Reading this book once is not enough. Creating a successful bail bond agency is an ongoing project that requires continuous effort and diligence. Trouble has a way of sneaking up on you but if you put the right systems into place, create a series of self-checks and continually review and reevaluate your decisions, you’ll be able to build a successful bail company that lasts.

While this book is primarily a resource for new bail agents or bail agents trying to determine why their business is in trouble, it is also a valuable reference for any small business owner. Many of the problem areas discussed in this book are common among small businesses in any industry. The bail agent is vulnerable to risk and liability beyond what most business owners encounter. Therefore, the bail industry offers the ultimate example of what can go wrong in any business and how to avoid it. If you learn how a bail agent minimizes risk and keeps his business out of trouble, you can apply these principles to any small business.

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