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75 Short Stories

Tales of a Bail Bondsman

75 Short StoriesThis fun exciting book is filled with real life true stories of chasing fugitives, skip tracing and general everyday experiences that Bondsmen have. Its a fun and informative book. It offers insight into how bondsmen have been creative over the years and caught fugitives that law enforcement couldn't catch. If you are running a business this book offers insight into how Bondsmen run their businesses and things you could do differently or better. Learn from the stories of older more experienced Bondsmen and their trials and tribulations of running their business.

While chasing people who abscond is quite boring there is always an interesting part of each case that makes for a good story. Like taking a car for collateral and finding after we took possession of stand drive it away it had drugs and dirty needles stashed inside the door. Or looking at a picture of a beautiful young girl that skipped bail on her parents and finding her 9 months later with the affects of Meth on her physical appearance completely changing the way she looked in the picture.

The stories in this book range from terribly sad to inspiring and uplifting. The bail profession typically sees people at a low point in their life so each case is different, some are depressing and sad and those people are on a downward spiral while either cases this is a turning point in their life.