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Sean M. Cook has been in the bail bond business since 1992. While working for one of the largest bail companies in California, he gained extensive knowledge of the industry. A few years later, Sean ventured out on his own to open his bail agency, which he has success fully operated since 1995. Since then, he has acquired another bail agency and has the largest bail online presence with his website

Sean is considered a bail bond expert among industry professionals. He wrote these books because he has seen too many new bail agencies fail for reasons that could have been prevented. He is the author of Bail Bonds 101: The Complete Guide to Owning and Operating a Successful Bail Bond Company and Bail Bonds 201: Insider Tips to Avoiding Common Mistakes and Pitfalls of the Bail Industry (CA: Bail Out Publishing 2005). Sean is an active member of Professional Bail Agents of the United States, the California Bail Agents Association and a board member of OCBAA. He lives in California.

Sean Cook Photo's

Janet Evanovich & Sean Cook
Janet Evanovich (Author of the best selling Stephanie Plum book series) at a National Bail Bond Convention in 2006
John Conyers Jr.
John Conyers Jr. - U.S. House of Representatives since January 1965.
Curt Hagman
Curt Hagman(California State Assemblyman) and Steve Poizner (California Insurance Commisioner)
Robert Wexler
Robert Wexler (US House of Representatives since 1996)
PBUS Certified Bail Agent
Linda Braswell presenting a PBUS Certified Bail Agent Program to Sean. This is the highest level education the Bail Indsutry offers.