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Why Become a Bondsman?

A Rewarding Career
Being a bail agent is not a nine-to-five job. People are arrested 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. People are arrested on Christmas and during the Super Bowl – perhaps especially during the Super Bowl. When you’re not bailing someone out of jail, you might be participating in bail associations at the county, state and national levels or attending seminars, which will take up more of your time. And don’t forget that you have to meet your state’s continuing education requirements. As a successful bail agent, you will have more than a full time job, but your time will be rewarded.

What might a typical day be like in your new career? You can expect to be surrounded by law enforcement professionals from probation, police and sheriff’s departments. You might need to meet with jailers, watch commanders, court clerks, attorneys and occasionally judges. Obtaining court information will take a large part of your day.

On any given day, you might post bail for one client, return collateral to another client who fulfilled his obligations, or follow up on a client who skipped town and forfeited the bail bond you so carefully posted. You might check with the court for exonerations on past clients. You might need to call people who owe you money so you can collect from them. You might focus on marketing and office clutter clearing.

The number of cases you handle in a given day can vary. You might go three days without needing to bail someone out of jail, and then on the fourth day you might bail out seven people. It all depends on how often the phone rings, who needs your services and when.

At the end of the day, you might find yourself with a nice income for a day’s work. The bail bond business offers a lucrative return on time invested. The business is also a fulfilling one. A Bail Agent is typically dealing with a friend or family member in distress and trying to assist them in a time of need. It is very rewarding when a crying parent is calling about their child in jail and we can do something about it. Bail Agents bring families that sense of relief and security in these situations.