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Valuing a Bail Bond business

Valuing a bail bond company can be very tricky. The bail business is a very unique industry with many different parameters for which to measure it by. For instance we take into account marketing techniques utilized, (yellow pages, internet, repeat business, mailers, lawyer contacts, billboards etc..) All these things come into play when valuing a company.  How long has the company been around, what is the company's reputation with the jails, courts and public. Is the price we value the company at cost prohibitive for someone to buy it. Once of the strongest determining factors is what is the upside potential of someone buying the business. Also, what is the barrier of entry to buying a business vs. starting one from scratch.

Over the years I bought and sold many bail bond companies including my own company twice. I have always used forensic accountants which brings credibility to the valuation of a company. If you are selling a bail bond company you need us to help you determine the value of your company. Most bail bond companies are family owned and operated which makes them very sentimental to the seller. Company owners have a lot of pride in their company which often hurts them when selling. We tend to want to get top dollar out of our company but often cant. Why you ask, because its a very personal business to the seller but not to the buyer. The buyer is looking to get into a money making business and doesn't care so much about the sentimental value it has to the seller. The buyer wants a good reputation and business model and doesn't care so much that its been passed down 3 generations.

All these factors are what we determine when valuing your business for sale.

If you are buying a business we can help you to determine the value of a company you are considering purchasing. We will help you take the emotion out of the process and give you a big picture view of what you are buying.

Our fees are determined by the amount of work and time put into the valuation process. We value companies throughout the US and can help you get the most for your money. For more information complete the form below and one of us will contact you shortly. Or you can call 800-824-6614 and ask for Sean.




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