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Because so much is at stake in backing a bail bond, it isnít easy for a new bail agent to obtain the support of a surety company. Until a bail agent acquires the experience necessary to establish a relationship with a surety company, he might need to depend on the support of a general agent (GA). A GA is a licensed bail agent who is well established in the business and has a strong relationship with his surety company. The surety company qualifies him as a GA, allowing him to sell bonds to other bail agents. The GA acts as an intermediary for the new agent. The GA screens the new bail agent to be sure he is trustworthy and can handle the responsibility.

GAs donít work only with new agents. Sometimes an established bail agent will work with a GA. This arrangement allows an experienced bail agent to have access to higher underwriting authority without needing to go through the approval process required by the surety company. The terms of the arrangements are negotiated and placed in writing before a permanent relationship is established between bail agents and GAs. The written agreement should be detailed and address a variety of circumstances to minimize potential conflicts. The GA provides a training ground for new bail agents and is a source of opportunity and income for established bail agents.

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